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Got the saddle all oiled and put together but I am not happy. I used different leather this time, good leather, but from a different tannery and it must have took on the oil much easier. Had a nice visit with a feller from over by Aberdeen, who has Clyde’s. Robert Dennis I went into the doctor yesterday for several little things, then on to Rapid. Decided I’d put my money where my mouth is and get some as I think we still have some cold weather to deal with.Any way, that ain’t all of it, my camera won’t take pictures now with out wavy lines in the pictures. Here’s a picture of the saddle, but not a very good one and it is so dark you really can’t see all the work I went to in the carving! they will save if we don’t just take up room in the little red shack. So most people figure there are way more lions out there than the GF&P is accounting for.For others, however, it’s a giant reminder of their single lives – a day of self pity and loneliness.This year, it’s time to end that sad tradition for all the single people out there.Valentine’s Day means different things to different people.For some, it’s excitement over the gifts they’ll receive from their someone special.

At this point, you may be asking Might as well take part in the candy tradition too.

Land location: NE 1-37-2-W3 Parcel A Power on property. Immediately surrounding the City is the RM of Corman Park, which is home to hundreds of acreages, acreage developments, and farms.

Sub divide 5 or 10 acres off for family members or friends. The Saskatoon Area includes a number of Rural Municipalities and Communities surrounding the City of Saskatoon, which is the largest City in Saskatchewan.

The air-operated hot stamping machine allows for higher volume imprinting.

No handle to pull; just hook up an air compressor, press the foot switch, and the air pressure does the work.

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