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There are many pictures of her available on some of the popular web sites including some wiki sites such as IMDb and some popular social sites such as Instagram.

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Seeing how Scrappy left Erica hanging for Diamond, she too might not be opposed to stepping to her either.She was surprised to see a new guy, but just relaxed waiting whilst he starts kneading her sexy body.Pleasure turned in astonishment and then in fear, when his thick finger popped her cherry, but his strong hands didn\'t let her go until he has fully enjoyed her gorgeous flesh! Although the two haven’t been cordial since Diamond started dating Soulja Boy and Lil Scrappy and Buckeey started dating, the old relationship has been a hop topic the majority of the entire season.Before the premiere episode of took reality TV addicts for a wild ride, there was much chatter about the former Crime Mob raptress being a member of the show’s cast.

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