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Since 2009, hundreds of thousands of teachers have participated in Twitter chats to varying degrees.

"It is difficult to gain the attention, or have the conversations with those educators that may feel there aren't others out there like them that can support them." A chat in the life While there are hundreds of regional, topical and age-specific Twitter chats available for Pre-K educators each week, participating in a chat for the very first time can be daunting. Kennedy High School, wants to hold the hand of any educator interested in participating in his popular bi-weekly chat #Ed Beat, and let them know that there is a place they can go where everything flows more easily.

PTGuest/Topic: Sheri Sanders - Rock the audition Date: Dec.

PTGuest/Topic: , Ann Baltz (Opera Works) Date: Jan.

Teachers who want to expand their knowledge, share instructional resources, and interact with others who have complementary professional interests are discovering that class is always in session thanks to the hundreds of regularly scheduled Twitter chats that happen each week.

Collaborative conversations between like-minded educators from different schools - that previously and serendipitously only took place at conferences and on other irregular occasions - are now accessible to any teacher from any geography at any given time.

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