Dating big titts

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At the bar at Somerset House, the waiter has absolutely no idea who he’s dealing with.He serves the bill both prematurely and unceremoniously to Hayley Atwell just as she is declaring: ‘I’ve kicked six stuntmen in the bollocks, hit someone over the back with a lead pipe and launched an iron chair at an assistant director.’ His eyes widen before she adds: ‘All completely by accident."I've said Kelly Brooke before but Rita Ora is also pretty nice."But the busy lad has no time for dating with a new album on its way.Shayne's been writing with Mike Stock (of Stock, Aitken and Waterman fame) and will be releasing his first album in four years in February next year.Despite all your better judgment, you attempt to put on weight in “all the right places.”Does it work? Because, if life were that kind to you, it would have just graced you with bigger boobs to begin with.Which goes hand in hand with having to casually bring up the fact you're flat-chested on your third date to avoid the disappointment when he eventually takes your push-up bra off and realizes there's nothing underneath.

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‘That’s when I was taking myself a lot more seriously.After years of dealing with, “Why don't you try putting some weight on?I'm sure some of it will go to your boobs,” you finally decide to give it a go.He publically sounded off about his exclusion from the show's 10th Anniversary celebrations, but nowadays he says he's "not bitter.""I understood from the get-go, it is a conveyor belt industry."They’ve gotta do what they’ve gotta do."For me, I don’t even hold it at arms distance."It’s like another job that you have and you left and you go to another one."I took as much as I could from it." After stints in the musical Rock of Ages and a national arena tour coming up in the autumn of Jeff Wayne's War of the Words, Shayne is ready to be a pop star again.Does he really want all that screaming and adulation again? "It’s more personal to me now than my music before because I co-wrote the whole album with Mike Stock."It’s got a bit of R’n B, soul, pop.

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