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To start, let’s look at the typical two-level WPF Tree View that has been hard-coded with the values shown in the following code snippet.

You don’t want to use hard-coded XAML in your WPF application.

In order to do that you need to set the Is In Edit Mode property of an instance of the Rad Tree View Item class to True.

The next snapshot shows a treeview item which is in edit mode.

After entering the new text, in order to save your changes you should press the Enter key.

If you want to finish the process of editing in code-behind and to save the changes, you need to set the Is In Edit Mode property of the editing treeview item to False.

What’s important is how you structure the classes into which your data will be placed.

Just as a Tree View is a hierarchical structure, create a set of classes that is also a hierarchy. A constructor is created to accept a “name” argument that you can use to set the Name property when you create an Employee object. First is a string property, called Description, which holds the name of the employee type, such as “Supervisor” or “Project Manager.” The second property, Employees, is a generic collection property to hold a list of Employee objects that are associated with this particular employee type.

In order to cancel the edit process in the code-behind you need to invoke the Cancel Edit() method of the editing treeview item.

Many applications need to display hierarchical data in a Tree View, and often that data is retrieved from a database.

In many situations the developer just needs to bind the Tree View directly to the Data Set which was populated with database data; creating custom domain objects and collections of those objects can be overkill sometimes.

Once the edit behavior is enabled, you can start the editing process by selecting the item and pressing the F2 key.

The edit process can be started programmatically (in the code-behind).

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