Is taylor launter dating undertaker dating

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"They've been staring in each other's eyes and she's been stroking his chest because his shirt is unbuttoned," the eyewitness continued.

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News that this potential couple, who was also joined by Abigail Breslin, showed PDA all night long at The Nice Guy before heading out with Palmer.

Chris posted the same video with the caption, “If you want a ride you pay the price.

@chipotlemexicangrill @taylorlautner.” Watch the video below…

Thankfully, Keke Palmer posted several moments from the event on her Snapchat, including a video of the exact moment that Taylor and Billie kissed.

While neither of them have officially confirmed a relationship yet, the costars did share a kiss in the latest episode of Scream Queens, so it looks like we'll just have to wait and see.

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