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Instead of throwing herself into a crash diet in response to the public scrutiny, Kimberley Locke wisely decided to focus on making permanent, healthy changes.

She began eating a balanced diet and started exercising regularly.

No word on whether she still follows the prepackaged diet food program, but if she does, Locke likely eats whole grain cereal for breakfast, or she might have a cheddar cheese omelet with peppers and roasted potatoes.

Kimberley Dawn Locke (born January 3, 1978) is an American singer, songwriter and model.

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Kimberley Locke signed up for “Celebrity Fit Club,” a boot camp-style show in which celebrities are coached on their way to weight loss with healthy eating habits and exercise. By the end of the show, Locke had successfully dropped down to a healthier 149 pounds.

Locke gained fame with her participation in the 2003 American Idol television series in which she placed third.

She remembers, "We practiced three or four times a week.

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When Locke went to Hollywood to appear on the second season of “American Idol,” judge Simon Cowell publicly mocked her waistline.

“I never dealt with (my weight) until I got into the industry and Hollywood when you get to Hollywood and you’re the biggest thing walking around, the weight shifts – literally,”* said Locke.

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