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Sylvia announced today on his My Space that the boxing bout was first canceled, then back on as an MMA contest.

“It came as quite a shock when [the ABC] called and basically said this was done incorrectly and you’re running an illegal show – and they threatened to have us arrested.” While Mercer’s limited involvement in MMA would certainly seem to turn the bout in Sylvia’s favor, Cox told that it was the former boxing champion who insisted the show carry on.

“It was going to be Tim fighting in Ray’s world, now it’s Ray fighting in Tim’s world,” Cox said.

“In boxing, who knows who is going to win.” Difficulty with obtaining sanctioning forced Cox to seek out an alternative venue for Saturday night in Alabama – a state without a sanctioning body.

Late Wednesday, the Association of Boxing Commissions stepped in to nix the bout, citing improper supervision, a move that prompted Cox to again revert to mixed martial arts rules and eliminate the involvement of the ABC. “This thing’s been advertised for over two months and everyone pretty much knew what was going on.

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