Validating textbox using javascript

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Working logic and application processes on the client-side allows browser based applications to seem more responsive and to have more "snappiness" to them.

For client-side development in the past, most developers turned to Java Script and intermingled this programming language into their classic Microsoft® Active Server Pages along with their server-side Microsoft Visual Basic® Scripting Edition or Microsoft JScript® code. NET and the new models that it provides, Web developers often wonder how to properly work with their Java Script functions in their ASP. This article will take a look at some of the ways past Java Script functions can now be used.

There is more than one way to accomplish this task and this article will take a look at many different possibilities.

This article will also take a look at some of the more common uses of Java Script in ASP. It is quite easy to add Java Script to a specific server control that resides on an ASP. Let's take a look at the button server control as an example.

Bill Evjen Reuters February 2004 Applies to: Microsoft® ASP. (17 printed pages) Introduction Adding Java Script to a Server Control Performing a Simple Button-rollover Setting Control Focus Changing the Control Focus Dynamically Using Larger Java Script Functions Keeping Java Script in a Separate File (.js) Summary Web developers have been working around the limitations of the browser for a long time by using a combination of server-side processing and client-side processing.

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Add required field validators for every textbox and add a validation summary contol.A decent start, but a) although it warns users if they hit an icorrect key, the character is still entered into the textbox, so could still be submitted; b) users can still paste illegal characters in, and this code will not pick up on this.Validating web forms is a critical skill for any web developer, ensuring that the data that's submitted is complete, accurate, and nonmalicious before it's sent off to the server.Join author Ray Villalobos in this course as he shows how to validate input from site visitors with HTML5, Java Script, and j Query and then process the data with PHP.Plus, learn how to email form data and save it in a My SQL database so that it's ready for other applications.

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