Walmart dating cashier

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and I have to work because I have to pay our rent, and I have to pay our bills. And this lady is just yelling at me.’As she signed off from the emotional clip, Ms Yore explained that she hoped the incident would serve as a lesson in tolerance, and she urged her viewers to think twice before 'jumping down someone's throat because they are fighting a battle that none of us know about'.

'We just have to be thankful to be alive, and treat people like you want to be treated.

According to the spokesperson, the incident detailed by Paige Yore, 25, in a heart-wrenching Facebook video, which saw her recount the moment a young Walmart employee sobbed onto her shoulder after being yelled at by a customer, never actually took place.

Fake: Paige Yore, 25, of Colorado, claimed a Walmart cashier broke down after being berated by an angry customer, before revealing that his mother had killed herself that morning.

I'm kind of shy around new people so I only talk regularly to a couple of my coworkers.

A lot of the other cashiers are really pretty so when they would talk to me I'd get nervous and respond with a kind of sarcastic, almost cynical tone most of the time.

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I'm a 17 year old guy and I started working at Walmart almost three months ago.The Walmart spokesperson added to Buzz Feed that the store has 'very clear video evidence' of Ms Yore's visit to the Pueblo location, but that the CCTV footage of her time in the store suggests that there is no validity to her claims.'We see her come up and she’s checking out and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of conversation,' the spokesperson said, before adding that the cashier in question acted cooperatively, helping Ms Yore in the same way he would any other customer.If your inquiry is regarding a product sold on our site by a third-party (Marketplace item), please access My Account to communicate directly to the seller as they are responsible for providing customer support for their products.Due to a severe weather event, you may experience a delay in the delivery of your order.

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