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The greatest thing for me was just to able to watch somebody as experienced as Cher have as much freedom as she had, and see her play around. Even with Stanley Tucci, they were such pros and they made it look absolutely effortless. Cher has had a film career, but Christina Aguilera hasn’t. After being here for a few months, someone had said, “Hey, you should try an acting class.” That night, I knew that this is where I was going to be. GIGANDET: You know, it’s such an insult to actual martial artists that I say that I do martial arts. Maybe if you combine it all, I could be a martial artist. What was it like working on dramatic scenes with her? I was working on another movie at Screen Gems at that time, called stage and listen to Christina Aguilera songs that were just blaring. was because it was on the same time zone that my parents were living in. Since I was a kid, I’ve always loved sports, and the first time I tried martial arts was when I was 10 or 11. The couple divorced in 2011 after a 6 year marriage.Rutler has been keeping his wife company while she was on a 1 year hiatus form the Voice.Christina won a Grammy for Best New Artist in 2000, played on her Latin roots on her next album, “Mi Reflejo,” and then teamed with Lil’ Kim, Mya and Pink for the sexy remake of “Lady Marmalade.” More albums, more Grammys, and more hits followed, including “Dirrty” and “Beautiful.” Christina’s sexy image also gained her attention.

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During a recent interview at the film’s press day, the Question: What was it like to meet Cher for the first time? CAM GIGANDET: I was nervous meeting Cher because it’s Cher. We didn’t know what that scene was going to actually going to end up as. GIGANDET: Yeah, those were my idea because they were done five years ago. I always try to push them to cover the one on my arm because I’ve been in the process of getting it removed for the past three years and it’s just always a reminder. Although she looked down to earth, she wasn't entirely free of her inner diva, as a handler was deployed to hold an umbrella for her.Aguilera's role in the sci-fi romance film has yet to be announced, but the movie will also star Ewan Mc Gregor, Léa Seydoux and Rashida Jones.You’re talking to Cher.” It was a surreal moment, and then, I got to watch her work. GIGANDET: I know that Christina and Cher had a number of talks, that Christina called their “girl talks.” It was such an exciting thing to see because you would hear or see Christina and Cher talking, and you’d seen Cher give Christina a piece of advice, even if it was just in passing, and Christina would just light up and be glowing for the rest of the day. People who have been in it for so long tend to take less risks, but take after take, she would take a risk and play around and try new things, every single time. Cher is such an idol of Christina’s, and her confidence would be boosted.

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